Important NLRB Rulings Expected Soon

HR should keep an eye on several pending decisions from the National Labor Relations Board, especially employers with unionized workforces or facing unionization drives.

The Wall St. Journal last week reported that there’s a rush at the labor board to issue several pending rulings before the Chairwoman Wilma Liebman’s term expires Aug. 27. That will leave just three members on the board–the minimum number to make major new rules.

A ruling on the NLRB’s challenge to Boeing’s decision to locate a jetliner-assembly operation at a nonunion factor in South Carolina is the topic receiving most press attention. But there other important pending matters, too.

  • what constitutes an appropriate group of workers to organize at long-term care facilities? Can it be a subset of workers such as nursing assistants, or must the bargaining unit be composed of everyone under the facility’s roof?
  • can workers opposed to unionization maintain their right to immediately challenge the outcome of a card-check election–in which employees sign cards to show their interest in joining–by demanding an NLRB-conducted secret ballot instead?

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