EEOC, Wells Fargo Financial Settle Race Bias Claim

When a branch of Wells Fargo Financial in Michigan passed over a highly qualified black male for a loan processor position in favor of five less qualified white or younger women, it got the EEOC’s attention.

Something fishy there. The EEOC announced Friday that the company agreed to settle the case for $55,000.

Here’s key language from the EEOC’s announcement:

“The loan processor had  significantly more relevant work experience than all of the other candidates,  the EEOC said. Further, the loan  processor had the best combination of relevant, objective scores that measured  productivity, was “loan processor of the year” for 2007, the year immediately  proceeding the promotion decision, worked at the one of the largest and most profitable  offices in the relevant district, and was the “go-to person” for the district on  loan processing. The loan processor’s  personnel file was devoid of any disciplinary actions, and none of the decision  makers alleged that she had any behavioral problems. Despite her superior qualifications, the loan  processor was passed over for promotion, a decision which the EEOC charged was  based on her age and race.”

The company is out of business, so no other relief was ordered.

With selection practices like that, perhaps it’s no wonder that the company went under.

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