TSA Screener May Wear Religious Bracelet While on Duty

A timely reminder that part of a religious accommodation may be allowing an employee to wear items and garments that have religious significance, as long as doing so doesn’t interfere with the job.

Case in point: A Sikh screener for the Transporation Security Administration will be allowed to wear a religious bracelet in full view while he is on duty at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, under a settlement the TSA reached last week with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Kulwinder Singh complained to the EEOC that his supervisors told him to cover the bracelet or remove it while on duty. The TSA offered an accommodaion of allowing Singh to wear the bracelet–known as a kara–but covered at all times.

The kara, a band made of iron or steel, is supposed to remind the wearer to behave honorably and protect others.  The kara is an important religious symable for Sikhs, along with mens’ long hair tucked under turbans.

Singh deemed that accommodation unacceptable and he complained to the EEOC. Under the settlement, TSA also had to post a notice at all terminals at the airport acknowledging that it violated Singh’s civil rights.

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