GOP Platform Opposes Card Check, Supports National Right to Work Law

Opposition to card check and support for a national right to work law are two key features of the platform approved this week by the Republican National Convention meeting in Tampa.

The platform is a statement of the GOP’s views on the workplace, and what the party would enact if it had complete reins of the government.

Under card check, a union could declare majority support in the workplace if 50 percent of the workers indicate on a card that they want union representation.  It would replace the secret union ballot, which unions fought for but now claim has been corrupted by employer coercion of workers.

The GOP vehemently opposes card check.

The platform also calls for:

  • enacting the Secret Ballot Protection Act;
  • enforcing the Hobbs Act against labor violence; and
  • passing the Raise Act to allow all workers to receive well-earned raises without the approval of their union representative.

The platform also demands an end to Project Labor Agreements, calls for repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act, which it says costs the taxpayers billions of dollars annually in artificially high wageson government projects. It also supports the right of states to enact Right-to-Work laws and encourage them to do so to promote greater economic liberty.

“Ultimately, we support the enactment of a National Right-to-Work law to promote worker freedom andto promote greater economic liberty,” the document continues. “We will aggressively enforce the recent decision by the Supreme Court barring the use of union dues for political purposes without the consent of the worker.”

Finally,  the document concludes, “To safeguard the free choice of public employees, no governmentat any level should act as the dues collector for unions. A Republican President will protect the rights of conscience of public employees by proposing legislation to bar mandatory dues for political purposes.”

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