EEOC Recovers $95K For Arab Employee Taunted, Fired After 9/11

Justice can take a while, and for an employee of Egypitian origin who was discriminated against and harassed after the 9/11 attacks, thinks were set right when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced a settlement of a national origin claim against his former employer, Sierra Pacific Industries.

The EEOC annnounced on Tuesday that it has secured $95,000 for Ahmed Eishenawy, who complained that after 9/11 his co-workers at the company’s Red Bluff, Calif. plant called him “Osama,” “f—ing Arabian,” and “camel jockey.”

Elshenawy complained and was thereafter subjected to complaints by co-workers. Further, the EEOC said, the company retaliated against Eshanaway by subjecting him to harsher discipline, ultimately terminating him in 2004.

Besides the monetary settlement, the two-year  consent decree provides that Sierra Pacific Industries will conduct yearly training of employees, report the details of any future complaints of national origin discrimination or retaliation, revise its anti-discrimination policies and post information regarding the decree for current employees.

Sierra Pacific Industries owns and harvests forests in California and Washington.

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