Logistics Services Company Socked With $1.5M Jury Verdict in Harassment, Retaliation Suit

You go to trial against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission these days and you risk losing big. That’s what happened to New Breed Logistics, a North Carolina-based logistics services provider accused in a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit.

A jury awarded the EEOC $1.5 million against the company based on the actions of its warehouse supervisor.

The EEOC’s case also established new precedent that a worker’s complaints to a supervisor to cease harassing conduct constitute protected activity, it said.

According to the lawsuit, the supervisor harased three temporary workers to unwelcome sexual touching and lewd, obscene and vulgar sexual remarks at the company’s Avaya Memphis area warehouse.

The jury also found that the New Breed supervisor fired the three temp workers because they complained about the harassment, and retaliated against a male employee by terminating him because he opposed the harassment and agreed to serve as a witness for several claimants during the company’s investigation.

Bottom line: The company has to pony up $177,094 in back pay, $486,000 in compensatory damages and $850,000 in punitive damages for the discrimination victims.

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