Wal-Mart To Pay $87,500 in Suit Alleging Retaliation Against Complainant’s Relatives

Denying employment to an applicant because a relative has filed an employment discrimination complaint against the company is a Title VII violation, the EEOC re-affirmed in announcing a settlement of a lawsuit against a Wal-Mart Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The EEOC accused the store of denying employment to Ramona Bradford by refusing to hire her adult son and daughter for entry-level positions at that location.

In the EEOC’s statement, the regional attorney who brought the lawsuit noted that “The United States Supreme Court in Thompson v. North American Stainless held that employers cannot take adverse actions against employees or their relatives or others close to them because the applicant or employee did the right thing and complained of unlawful conduct in the workplace.”

That alleged violation will cost the store $87,500, plus subjecting it to an injunction prohibiting retaliatory practices; training for managerial employees on retaliation; and the posting of a notice advising employees of their rights under Title VII.

Read more about the settlement.

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