N.H. Governor Signs Paycheck Fairness Act

Equal pay advocates have another arrow in the quiver in New Hampshire, where the governor just signed her state’s version of the Paycheck Fairness Act into law. The law– Senate Bill 207–largely tracks the federal equal pay act by making it illegal to pay men and women differently for doing equal work that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility and is performed under similar working conditions, and forbidding retaliation against employees who complain about their wages.

Also like the federal law, the state law has exceptions for pay differences under a bona fide seniority system, merit or performance-based system, expertise or shift differential.

Violations of the law are subject to fines of up to $2,500.

In a statement on signing the bill, Governor Maggie Hassan said “Ensuring that women and men can earn equal pay for an equal day’s work isn’t just an issue of fairness, it’s essential to our economic future. I am proud to sign this common-sense, bipartisan legislation that will strengthen the economic security of hard-working Granite Staters and eliminate an unnecessary strain on New Hampshire families.


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