DOL Issues New Veteran Employment Reporting Form, Replacing Vets 100 for U.S. Contractors

The U.S. Department of Labor played taps this week for a system of reporting on the employment of veterans by federal contractors and replaced it with what it described as a new and improved version that it says will take contractors less time to complete and be more useful in assessing how well they are meeting their affirmative action commitments.

The new rules apply to reporting by federal contractors subject to the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974.

Under the rule contractors will have to file what’s called the VETS-4212 showing aggregate data on the total number of protected veterans employed and newly hired by federal contractors, the total number of employees in the workforce, and the total number of new hires.

The new form replaces the VETS 100, which had required reporting of data on veterans’ employment by the 10 occupational categories and subcategories found on the revised EEO-1 Report, and by each of the four categories of veterans protected under the 2008 Job for Veterans Act amendments to VEVRAA.

The big difference is that under the new form the contractor has to report on the total number of veterans hired, whereas under the VETS 100 it had to break down that information by specific category of protected veteran, for example, Vietnam Veterans in one listing and disabled veterans in another.

Reporting veteran hiring information by job category is optional but not required on the VETS-4212.

DOL boasts that the new form requires 50 percent fewer reportable items than the VETS 100A.

The final rule was published in Thursday’s Federal Register.


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