EEOC: Car Company Violated ADA in Not Allowing Sales Manager to Use Cart

But for the refusal to let an employee with a spine condition use a cart on the job, a Little Rock, Arkansas car dealership might have avoided the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission bulls eye.

The commission announced yesterday that the dealership in question, Randall Ford, has agreed to pay $128,750 to settle an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit that the commission filed on behalf of a used car manager who wanted to use a cart to get around the lot following spinal surgery.

According to the EEOC, the company had allowed other employees to use the cart from time to time, but refused this manager’s request for that reasonable accommodation. Instead, it fired him, the EEOC charged.

The company decided to settle rather than fight the litigation.

Besides the monetary settlement, Randall Ford will “revise its ADA policy to provide a clear avenue for employees to request a reasonable accommodation.”

Sounds like part of the problem in this case was a breakdown in communications between employee and employer.

This needn’t happen to you if you have clear policies in writing on requesting accommodations and make sure you follow through on them and don’t stiff-arm an employee who requests an accommodation.

Read more about the lawsuit and settlement.


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