EEOC: Retaliation, Race Most Filed Charges

Claims that employers retaliated and engaged in race discrimination against their employees ranked number one and number two in charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the last fiscal year,  together comprising about 75 percent of all charges filed, according to data released today by the commission.

In all, EEOC received 88,778 charges of workplace discrimination from Oct. 1, 2013, to Sept. 30, 2014. Of these,  37,955 (42.8 percent of all charges filed) alleged retaliation for complaining about employment discrimination and race discrimination charges (including racial harassment) numbered  31,073 , or 35 percent of all charges, the commission said in is yearly data dump.

Next up were sex discrimination, including pregnancy and sexual harassment 26,027 (29.3 percent); disability 25,369 (28.6 percent); and age 20,588 (23.2 percent).

Every other kind of charge (religion, national origin, color, equal pay) were below 20 percent, and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act were a paltry 333, or .4 percent of all charges.

You can read more about last year’s charge filing figures, including how to get state-by-state filing information here.


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