EEOC Recovers $250K for Ex-Car Dealer Manager Denied Partnership Because of Multiple Sclerosis

An ex-manager of a Lubbock, Texas-based car dealership decided he’d had enough of being mistreated because of his multiple sclerosis and as a result has recovered $250,000 courtesy of an Americans With Disabilities Act brought against the dealership by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the commission announced on February 11.

The EEOC had charged Benny Boyd Chevrolet-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Ltd., d/b/a Benny Boyd Lubbock, and Boyd-Lamesa Management, L.C.  with violating the ADA by denying partnership to the manager because of his MS, then harassed him because of his disability, finally forcing him to quit.

The EEOC alleged that part of Randall Hurst’s compensation package with the dealership included a promise of partnership, but that management reneged on that deal after he told them about his MS.

The EEOC also alleged that Hurst’s supervisor subjected him to demeaning comments about his diagnosis, including asking him, “What’s wrong with you? Are you a cripple?” and telling him, “You are on your last quarter, buddy, since you have MS.”  The company failed to take any remedial action to stop the unwelcome behavior, the EEOC alleged.  As a result of the continuing harassment based on his disability and the substantial loss of compensation due to the denial of partnership, the EEOC contended that Hurst was forced to resign in November 2012.

“Today is not about me, or about monetary compensation – today is a win for everyone who has multiple sclerosis,” said Randall Hurst. “MS changed my life forever, and I hope that this case changes the lives of others that are in the workforce with MS, for the positive.”

Read more about the case and settlement.


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