Maryland, Sheriff’s Dept. on Hook for $250K in Settlement of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Who was the officer on the beat at the Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, sheriff’s department? Apparently no one when a female employee at the department was allegedly harassed by several supervisors, the sheriff’s brother among them.

Ultimately it took federal intervention by the U.S. Department of Justice to bring some measure of justice for the alleged victim, Kristy Murphy-Taylor, who will receive money under a settlement that DOJ reached with the county and the department.

Here’s straight from DOJ’s February 12 announcement that the lawsuit had been settled:

“According to the United States’ complaint, over a number of years, Ms. Murphy-Taylor was subjected to numerous acts of unwanted sexual conduct by multiple supervisors including repeated incidents of unwanted sexual touching by the Sheriff’s brother. Despite Ms. Murphy-Taylor’s complaints about the harassment, the complaint alleges that the defendants failed to take prompt and effective corrective action. Instead, they allegedly subjected her to intolerable working conditions intended to make her quit, and ultimately terminated her for complaining about the sexual harassment by the Sheriff’s brother.”

Under the settlement Murphy-Taylor will receive $250,000 in damages, in addition to $620,000 she received under a consent decree reached in 2014


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