Court: EEOC Suit Can Proceed Without Identifiable Victim of Discriminatory Practice

The EEOC doesn’t have to identify a particular victim of discriminatory hiring practices in order to proceed with its Title VII racial discrimination lawsuit, a federal district court in Illinois ruled on Tuesday.

The defendant Rosebud Restaurants, Inc., a Chicago-area chain of Italian restaurants, is the subject of a Title VII lawsuit alleging that it refused to hire African American applicants.

Moving to dismiss the EEOC’s lawsuit, the restaurant argued that the commission had to name at least one individual who was denied a job because of his race.

In its April 7, 2015 decision, the court rejected that argument, concluding that the EEOC’s “allegations of intentional discrimination are sufficient to state a claim for Title VII relief . . . even in the absence of the identification of an individual job applicant who was rejected because of his race.”

Read more about the case.


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