Company Pays $1.4M to Settle Bias Suit

Just days after holding a roundtable discussion on the persistence of national origin discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced a settlement in a national origin and racial discrimination lawsuit that it brought against a drilling company.

In the lawsuit, the EEOC charged  that since at least 2006, Patterson-UTI, a Snyder, Texas-based multistate oil drilling company, engaged in a nationwide pattern or practice of discrimination based on race and national origin on its drilling rigs, including assigning minorities to the lowest level jobs, failing to train and promote minorities, and disciplining and demoting minority employees disproportionately.

Conditions were ugly  on the drilling rigs. These minority employees endured frequent and pervasive barrages of racial and ethnic slurs, jokes, and comments, as well as verbal and physical harassment and intimidation of minority employees, according to EEOC. And those employees who opposed or complained about discriminatory practices suffered retaliation, including discriminatory discipline and discharge.

The price of settlement? $1.4 million, the EEOC said.

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