EEOC Program to Facilitate Digital Transmission Of Documents to Employers Facing Bias Charges

Employers will be able to receive information digitally on the employment discrimination charges that have been filed against them. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced today that it is launching a pilot program for online transmission of documents to employers.

ACT Digital is “the first step in the EEOC’s move toward an online charge system that will streamline the submission of documents, notices and communications in the EEOC’s charge system,” the EEOC’s announcement said.

Eleven of 53 EEOC offices will participate in the pilot program, with Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Norfolk, Raleigh, Richmond and San Francisco starting today May 6.  EEOC offices in Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis and Phoenix will also begin their pilots by the end of May.

Among the features of ACT Digital:

  • employers against whom a charge has been filed can communicate with the EEOC through a secure portal to download the charge, review and respond to an invitation to mediate, submit a position statement, and provide and verify their contact information;
  • the newly designed EEOC notice of a charge will provide a password-protected log in for the employer to access the system in the pilot offices;
  • employers will also have the option of opting out of the pilot program and receiving and submitting all documents and communications in paper form.

Learn more details on the program.


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