Company Settles EEOC Racial Harassment Suit Over Incidents at Restaurant That It Operated

The behavior of two senior officials for an Arkansas consulting company at one of the restaurants under their operations landed the company in hot water with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission–and has now led the company to settle the lawsuit that those officials’ behavior triggered.

According to the EEOC, when these officials from H2H Enterprises visited one of their restaurants in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, they subjected a black employee to offensive and unwelcome racially derogatory name-calling.  Their use of racially derogatory slurs was witnessed by other employees, the EEOC alleged. When the employee complained about the name calling, H2H failed to take any action or address the complaint, the EEOC said.

And that prompted the EEOC to sue the company for racial harassment under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The company agreed to settle the EEOC’s lawsuit for $15,000 and to take other actions to prevent such misbehavior from occurring again, including training its workforce on racial harassment.

The alleged Title VII violation took place at Huddle House #60, one of three restaurants owned by H2H Enterprises Inc. and a franchise partner of Huddle House Inc.

Read more about the settlement.


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