Airport Food Operator Violated ADA By Refusing Cancer Patient Unpaid Medical Leave, EEOC Says

The operator of Dunkin’ Donuts stores at Baltimore-Washington International Airport is in the hot seat with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over its treatment of a regional manager who wanted time off for breast cancer surgery.

The commission announced today it has filed an Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit against OHM Concessions Group, LLC for allegedly denying the regional manager an unpaid medical leave to continue her treatments. The suit on behalf of Joan O’Donnell says that after her breast cancer diagnosis, she emailed the owner to explain that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and would need surgery.  She also talked to her supervisor about her diagnosis and requested four to eight weeks of unpaid leave for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Instead, Dunkin’ Donuts “refused to provide a reasonable accommodation and instead abruptly discharged O’Donnell because of her disability just three days before the start of her medical leave,” the EEOC charged.

That’s a violation of the ADA unless the operator can show granting the leave would be an undue hardship, EEOC says

To read more about the lawsuit, click here.


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