EEOC Settles Title VII Religious Bias Suit Against Bakery That Wouldn’t Hire Seventh Day Adventist

The next time a job applicant at Dunkin’ Donuts in Asheville, N.C., asks for a religious accommodation, he or she will likely get a better response than a Seventh Day Adventist got when he applied for a job.

He or she will be a future beneficiary of a settlement that the bakery reached with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a Title VII lawsuit charging the franchise with religious discrimination for not hiring Darrell Littrell, a Seventh Day Adventist, because he declined to work on his Sabbath, which runs from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced yesterday that the bakery will pay $22,000 to settle the lawsuit and implement a policy on religious accommodation.

“Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from refusing to hire people because of their religion, and requires employers to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs so long as doing so does not create an undue hardship for the employer,” the EEOC’s announcement reminded employers.

Read more about the case.

And here’s information on religious accommodation from the EEOC’s website.


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