Employer Settles ADA Lawsuit Alleging Refusal to Hire Because Applicant’s Wife Had Disability

The other day I reported on a settlement of an Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit stemming from an employer’s refusal to hire an applicant because her child had a disability (MS). Well, it has happened again–another employer got in trouble with the EEOC because it allegedly engaged in “associational discrimination.”

This time the employer, Waste Connections Inc. of Houston, is alleged by the EEOC to have refused to hire an applicant because his wife has a disability.

Here’s the pivotal language from the EEOC’s announcement that the employer had settled the case:

“In the summer of 2013, WCI offered a pilot’s job to John Frame. During a call from WCI offering him the job, Frame mentioned his wife’s disability, at which time WCI ended the telephone call, then called back and withdrew its job offer within hours. EEOC alleged that WCI’s decision was based entirely on its learning of Frame’s wife’s disability status, not on his qualifications or experience as a pilot.”

The settlement will cost CSI $45,000.

Use the settlement in these two cases to redouble your efforts to base hiring decisions on an applicant’s qualifications to do the job–and that alone!


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