Rally Today at White House for ‘Ban-the-Box’; Supporters Want Exec Order on Criminal Queries

A planned rally today in front of the White House will urge President Obama to issue an executive order to ban federal agencies and contractors from requiring job applicants to answer whether they have ever been convicted of a crime.

Supporters say that checking this box on the job applications disqualifies many released prisoners (700,000 a year by some counts) from getting a job and reentering society as productive members.

Eighteen states, 100 counties, and major employers Starbucks, Walmart, Koch Industries, and Target already have banned the box, rally organizers say.

Rally organizers hope to build off of that momentum and put pressure on President Obama  to issue an executive order and presidential memo that will “ban the box” and implement fair hiring practices for jobs with federal employers and federal contractors.

Some 200 national organizations and 70 members of Congress also support “ban the box” laws, organizers said.

For more on the ban-the-box campaign, go here.

The fly in the ointment today could be thunderstorms that are forecast for most of the day in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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