EEOC: Company Didn’t Stop National Origin, Color Harassment of Puerto Rican Employee

Politicians who cry “political correctness” when they use offensive language wouldn’t get away with that dismissive stance in the workplace. Just last Friday the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued a Chicago-area company for national origin and color harassment, based on allegations that foremen and co-workers harassed a worker because of his national origin and color by referring to him as “spic,” “n_____,” “Mexican n______,” “wetback,” “Puerto Rican n______,” and “n______ slave.”

The EEOC’s pre-suit administrative investigation found the company, King-Lar, was aware of the harassment because managers witnessed some of the offensive comments and the employee complained to management, but the company did nothing to stop the harassment, the commission said in announcing the suit.

Harassment based on color or national origin violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the EEOC reminds employers and employees.

Read more about the lawsuit.


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