OFCCP Debuts Class Member Locator

No one can accuse the federal government of not going the extra mile to find individuals who might benefit from money it has pried loose from government contractors that violate equal employment opportunity rules.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, the DOL division that enforces nondiscrimination rules against federal contractors recently launched the “Class Member Locator.”

The web page describing the program states: “If you applied for a job or worked at one of the facilities below between the dates shown and believe you may be part of an affected class, contact us immediately. Upon your timely submission of additional documentation verifying that you are part of the class, you may be entitled to a portion of monetary relief and/or consideration for job placement.”

The page provides some frequently asked questions, including what/who is a class member? Included is a “class member’s story” of an individual contacted by the OFCCP, who eventually got back wages from the contractor that they had applied to and been rejected by.

Then there’s a handy-dandy chart of contractors that have agreed to settlements with OFCCP.

Count on the OFCCP to get the word out about the locator. It was mentioned in a press release today announcing recovery of $1.25 million in back wages for African Americans and women who were discriminated against when applying for who general warehouse positions at two of Fastenal Company’s distribution facilities in Indianapolis and Atlanta.


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