EEOC Says Employer Violated ADA By Refusing to Reemploy Cancer Victim After Medical Leave

A Dallas-based business violated the Americans With Disabilities Act by refusing to reinstate an employee with cancer following his medical leave, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charged in a lawsuit filed on Thursday.

The employee worked for DAP Products, Inc., a Dallas-based business and a leading manufacturer of home repair and construction products.

According to EEOC’s lawsuit, DAP discharged the employee from his position of production operator because of his prostate cancer, a physical impairment for which he underwent surgery.

After a period of leave the employee was capable of safely continuing in his job, but DAP refused to allow him to return to work, and instead forced him to take extended leave, the EEOC charged.

Then, after refusing to allow the employee to return, DAP fired him for having exceeded company leave limitations.

Read more about the lawsuit.

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