EEOC: Kroger Allowed Harassment of Teen

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission looks particularly askance when employers permit the sexual harassment of the most vulnerable members of society, such as teenagers.

A five-figure monetary settlement of the EEOC’s sexual harassment claim against major nationwide retail grocery store chain Kroger Limited Partnership I, Delta Division brought that point home.

The EEOC announced on Nov. 13 that Kroger would settle the case involving the alleged harassment of a teenaged employee by paying $42,500.

According to the lawsuit, Kroger violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act when it subjected a teenaged employee to sexual harassment and failed to take effective action to prevent such abuse of the employee by a male co-worker. The harassment began shortly after the teen’s hire and continued throughout her employment, with Kroger taking no corrective action against the harasser until her final complaint, the complaint said.

To read more about the lawsuit and settlement, go here.

This post was picked up by Grande Communications.


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