Landscape Co. Docked for Immigration Violations

It’ll cost a landscaping company in Fort Myers, Fla., $7,500 to settle allegations it discriminated against work-authorized non-U.S. citizens in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the U.S. Department of Justice announced on Nov. 23.

DOJ said that its of investigation of Sunny Grove  Landscaping & Nursery Inc. (Sunny Grove) found that Sunny Grove discriminated against lawful permanent residents by requiring them to produce permanent resident cards to prove their work authorization, whereas U.S. citizens were permitted to choose whatever valid documentation they wanted to prove their work authorization.

Lawful permanent residents do not have to show their permanent resident cards when they start working, DOJ reminds employers.  Like all workers, they can choose whatever valid documentation they want to establish their employment authorization, and many lawful permanent residents have the same work authorization documents as U.S. citizens.

Just last week McDonald’s USA LLP and its corporate affiliates and subsidiaries settled DOJ allegations putting an end to the company’s “long standing practice” of requiring lawful permanent residents to show a new permanent resident card when their original document expires

Read more about the Sunny Grove settlement here.

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