Female Mexican Employees at Vail Resort to Receive $1M in Settlement of Harassment Suit

Mexican female employees allegedly victimized by sexual harassment at the Vail Run Community Resort Association, Inc., a condominium complex in Vail, Colo., will share an award of $1.020 million as part of a settlement of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit, the commission announced on Friday.

In a lawsuit filed in July 2015 against the complex and its management company Global Hospitality Resorts, Inc., the EEOC alleged that management did nothing in response to alleged sexual harassment by a male housekeeper of female Mexican employees, including attempted rape.

According to EEOC’s suit, the male housekeeper repeatedly spoke about sex, propositioned female employees, showed them graphic sexual pictures on his phone and groped and physically assaulted his victims, including attempted rape. The housekeeper targeted Mexican immigrants who were particularly vulnerable, threatening them with job loss and deportation if they refused his advances, complained about him, or went to the police.

When workers nevertheless complained to management, they were met with anger and indif­ference, according to EEOC allegations. EEOC said William Fleischer, Vail Run’s general manager, and the companies never undertook an internal investiga­tion after the complaints, made no effort to reduce Quezada’s supervisorial powers, and refused to discipline him.

As I wrote last summer, the worst thing an employer can do once alerted to possible sexual harassment is to ignore and not respond to it.

The condo’s alleged nonresponsive here made settlement the more attractive choice then fighting this one out in court.

Here’s the EEOC’s announcement of the settlement.



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