DOJ Launches Interagency Initiative to Combat Religious Discrimination; EEOC Joins in Effort

Combating religious discrimination, including in employment, is the goal of a new federal interagency program announced yesterday by the U.S. Department of Justice.

DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, in partnership with other federal agencies, will host a series of community roundtables across the country that focus on protecting people and places of worship from religion-based hate crimes; combating religious discrimination, including bullying, in education and employment; and addressing unlawful barriers that interfere with the construction of places of worship.

Agency officials will facilitate the roundtable discussions to help identify key priorities and lead robust dialogue with community members and civil rights advocates, the DOL said.

A meeting in Birmingham, Alabama will focus on religious discrimination in employment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won’t be left behind. The commission today posted on its website a “What You Should Know Document” compiling EEOC’s resources regarding religious and national origin-based discrimination.

Here’s DOJ’s announcement and a link to the EEOC document, which is titled What You Should Know About Religious and National Origin Discrimination Against Those Who Are, or Are Perceived to Be, Muslim or Middle Eastern.


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