Company to Pay $80K to Settle EEOC Suit Alleging Harassment by Warehouse Manager

There are still some workplaces that don’t get it with respect to sexual harassment–that it’s wrong and should never be tolerated.

That message apparently didn’t seep into a warehouse operated by FYC International Inc., a manufacturer and wholesaler of women’s and children’s clothing and accessories.Last week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission detailed incidents of sexual harassment at the company’s warehouse.

According to EEOC’s lawsuit, the FYC warehouse manager regularly subjected female workers to inappropriate sexual comments, gestures, propositions and physical touching. He also offered several female workers money in exchange for sex. EEOC charged that the manager’s sexual harassment was so well known in the warehouse that male workers followed his lead and harassed female employees through inappropriate sexual comments and gestures.

EEOC said that the company, no longer in operation, agreed to pay $80,000 to settle the sexual harassment suit the commission filed against it.

And in case the company reemerges, the settlement commits it hire an independent compliance official to oversee the implementation of anti-discrimination policies and to investigate complaints., to make sure discrimination doesn’t recur.

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