Female Sales Consultant Was Victim of Same-Sex Harassment, EEOC Alleges in New Title VII Suit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is going to court on behalf of a female sales consultant for a North Carolina phone company, alleging that she was harassed by another female employee with no effort by management to put a stop to this behavior.

According to EEOC’s suit, in 2013, Fredarika Bowden, a sales consultant at ABC Phones of North Carolina store in Lumberton, N.C., was sexually harassed by a female co-worker. The suit charged that the harassment included inappropriate touching and sexual comments. EEOC said that although much of the offensive conduct was witnessed by a member of management, and Bowden also reported the harassment to management several times, the company failed to promptly stop the harassment.

Sexual harassment is illegal, regardless of whether the harasser is female or male, or the same or opposite gender as the victim,” said Lynette A. Barnes, regional attorney of EEOC’s Charlotte District Office. “When employees report a manager’s or co-worker’s inappropriate behavior, employers must immediately investigate the claims and take steps to stop the harassment.”

Read today’s announcement about the lawsuit.


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