Coronary Patient Denied Return-to-Work Recovers $187,500 Against His Employer

Another employer has stumbled on the requirement in the Americans With Disabilities Act to accommodate an employee’s return to work following medical leave.

The culprit this time is Rock Tenn, a paper and packaging manufacturer with a facility located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the company fired its HR doctor after he was medically cleared to return to work following surgery for coronary artery disease.

The timeline outlined in the EEOC suit shows that According to Glen Janisch began working for RockTenn in October of 2010 as the HR manager for the Battle Creek plant. In January 2011, Janisch underwent open heart coronary bypass surgery and was authorized for short-term disability leave through mid-April 2011. However, in early March 2011, he received medical clearance from his doctor to return to work, initially for half days, and promptly notified RockTenn of his return date, March 21. Despite Janisch’s imminent return on a date certain, RockTenn terminated his employment on March 10, 2011.

The company is paying $187,500 to settle the lawsuit, the EEOC said.

Read more about the lawsuit and settlement.


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