EEOC Recovers $35,000 for Woman Denied Job at Coca Cola Warehouse to Less Qualified Men

Did a Coca Cola Bottling plant deny a woman a job in a warehouse position because of her gender?

That’s what the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged happened at the company’s plant in Mobile, Alabama, which it said refused hire Martina Owes, an applicant for two vacant warehouse positions, because she is female.

While Owes had the required warehouse and forklift experience, the company chose to hire less qualified men for the available positions. EEOC also charged that, by not preserving all application materials related to those positions, the company violated federal recordkeeping laws.

Coca Cola agreed to pay $35,000 to settle the lawsuit, the EEOC said.

Sure, this is just one position, and the alleged violation does not necessarily indicate systemic bias against women at the soda company.

But sometimes what happens to one member of a protected group is indicative of something larger going on that skews the playing field against all members of that group.

So every employer should take stock of its hiring practices and make sure they don’t shut women out from available opportunities.

Here’s EEOC’s April 12 announcement of the lawsuit and settlement.


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