Get Out the Lead: Manufacturer Didn’t, So It Owes OSHA $105K in Fines for Safety Violations

A manufacturer that does brass plumbing work in Brooklyn found out the hard way that exposing workers to lead is expensive–for itself and for its workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said on Thursday that Acme Parts Inc. did not adequately protect its employees against lead exposure, hearing loss and hazardous chemicals.

OSHA said it has responded to a report of an elevated blood lead level in a machinist at Acme’s Brooklyn plant.

Specifically, OSHA found that the company failed to:

  • Train employees about lead hazards and provide them proper protective clothing.
  • Prevent lead from accumulating on surfaces in the plant.
  • Prohibit employees from consuming food and drink in lead contaminated areas.
  • Conduct initial monitoring to determine employees’ lead exposure levels.

The plant also lacked effective hearing conservation and chemical hazard communication programs. This included:

  • Not instituting controls to reduce noise levels.
  • Not providing employees a choice for hearing protection.
  • Lack of proper training, supervision and fittings for hearing protectors.
  • The absence of hazard communication training and chemical safety data sheets.

The bottom line: OSHA cited the company for one willful, six serious and two other than serious violations of workplace health standards, and proposed fines total of $105,600.

Read OSHA’s announcement here.



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