Fired Ambulance Technician to Recover $55K in Settlement of Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

Another employer has learned the hard way that refusing to accommodate a pregnant worker will hit it in the pocket book.

The employer in the EEOC’s crosshairs this time is First Call Ambulance Service, LLC, a Nashville-based company that provides non-emergency medical transport and ambulance services throughout Tennessee, Ohio and Virginia.

The EEOC charged in a Title VII lawsuit against the company that after a female technician informed First Call of her pregnancy and presented a doctor’s note that restricted her from lifting patients greater than 200 pounds without assistance, the company refused to accommodate her. First Call removed the employee from the work schedule, told her she could not work because of her pregnancy and forced her to take unpaid leave.

At the same time, First Call allowed non-pregnant employees to use a power cot to lift patients. EEOC charged that the company maintained an unlawful policy of refusing to accommodate female employ­ees with lifting restrictions due to pregnancy, while providing comparable accommodations to non-pregnant employees.

EEOC said First Call agreed to pay $55,000 to settle the lawsuit.

Here’s the EEOC’s announcement of the settlement.


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