EEOC: Staffing Agency Wouldn’t Refer Female Applicants for Jobs “Not Suitable for Women”

Although this is 2016, at least one employer hasn’t gotten the message that there is no such as thing as work that is “fit for a man” and other work that is “fit for a woman.”

But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has charged in new lawsuit that an Alabama staffing agency took that very approach in job placements with a manufacturer of  fiberglass grating products.

In the suit filed in U.S. district court, the EEOC is alleging that Automation Personnel Services, Inc. refused to hire Andrea Williams, an applicant for an advertised shipping/receiving position.

Automation advertised the position as part of a Lafayette, La., career fair sponsored by the Lafayette Business & Career Solutions Center. When Williams attempted to apply for the shipping/receiving position at the job fair, Automation’s onsite representative told her that “this is a man’s job” and the job is “not suitable for women,” EEOC said.

Williams was not allowed by the representative to apply for the position. EEOC said Automation hired 55 people for placement with the fiberglass company in late 2012, and only one was female.

“Employers, including staffing agencies, cannot refuse to hire women based on outdated presumptions that women are not capable of performing certain types of jobs,” said C. Emanuel Smith, regional attorney for EEOC’s Birmingham District Office.

Here’s the EEOC’s announcement yesterday of the lawsuit.


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