EEOC Sues Store for Transgender Bias

Anyone doubting that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission means business when it comes to protecting transgender employees from discrimination should take note of a lawsuit the commission announced today on behalf of a transgender person who worked at a Rent-A-Center store in Rantoul, Illinois.

The EEOC says that its’ investigation found that the store’s managers fired the individual because they disapproved of her gender transition.

So the store better have had a nondiscriminatory reason for its decision or it will be found liable under Title VII.

EEOC has made it clear that discrimination against employees or applicants because they are transgender, because of their gender identity, and/or because they have transitioned (or intend to transition) is sex discrimination and violates Title VII.

“All people deserve the opportunity to earn a living and be judged on the quality of their work, rather than on sex-based considerations,” said John Hendrickson, the EEOC’s regional attorney in Chicago. “That includes transgender employees, and the EEOC is committed to making sure such individuals’ rights under Title VII are protected.”

Here’s today’s announcement of the lawsuit.


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