N.Y. Donut Shop Coughs Up $150K to Settle EEOC Suit Alleging Harassment of Teen Workers

For female teenagers working at a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise located in Westchester County, New York, the workplace was anything but welcome.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Hillcrest Marshall,, the owner of these franchises, violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by subjecting female employees, some of whom were in their teens at the time, to sexual harassment by a store manager at one of its Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

For example, EEOC said, the store manager talked about his genitals, tried to kiss a female worker who was 20 years old at the time, and pressured her to have sex. The manager hit her, cursed and yelled at her regularly due to being rejected by her. When she contacted the police, she was fired in retaliation for resisting his advances, EEOC said.

The franchise has agreed to settle the lawsuit for $150,000 paid to the victims, the EEOC said.

“Employers need to implement strong policies so victims can report sexual harassment without reprisal, and we are pleased Hillcrest Marshall has agreed to do so,” said EEOC New York District Director Kevin Berry.

Here’s the EEOC’s announcement of the settlement.


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