DOL Touts Its Leveling of Playing Field

Want a good synopsis of the initiatives that the U.S. Labor Department is pursuing to help workers in this country? Then try “Level the Playing Field,” a blog posting published today as part of Working for You.

The subtitle to Level the Playing Field is By Enforcing the Rules.

Here are the rules the DOL says it is enforcing to level the playing field:

  1. Protecting what workers earn-through actions by the Wage and Hour Division to recover paychecks unlawfully withheld by their employers;
  2. Targeting worker misclassification (that is, workers who are employees under the law but are incorrectly classified as independent contractors);
  3. Securing workers’ retirement savings and investments;
  4. Holding federal contractors to higher standards, including job restructuring for an employee whose disability kept her from performing certain tasks.

There you have it. These are the DOL priorities, and it’s good for workers and companies to know them.

Read the entire blog post by Egan Reich, public affairs specialist at the DOL, here.


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