Illinois Home Builder Serial Violator of Construction Site Safety Rules, OSHA Says

You know those pictures on TV that accompany the latest report on new home construction? Where they show smiling workers hammering nails in a new home and putting on the siding?

TV viewers wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that the workers are toiling away in safe working conditions.

Turns out that the safety hazards are so bad at one construction contractor in Illinois that it has been cited 19 times by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety violations.

Barringer Brothers Roofing showed “callous disregard” for its employees’ safety, denying them adequate fall protection, OSHA said on Aug. 17.

The agency opened an inspection on May 18, 2016, after inspectors observed five roofers working at a height of 13 feet without adequate fall protection. In this case, the contractor faces proposed penalties of $89,100.

Statistics show falls cause four of every 10 deaths in the industry, OSHA said

Other hazards including employees without eye protection using nail guns, the absence of a competent person to provide regular job site inspections to monitor for safety hazards and a lack of fire extinguishers. The company has also failed to initiate and maintain an accident prevention program, a hazard cited by OSHA in 2013.

This post was featured in the Aug. 26 weekly wrap-up of employment blogs listed with the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog.



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