EEOC: Tenn. Manufacturing Company Tolerated Male Supervisors Harassing Other Male Workers

If the allegations in a just-filed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit are proven, then the work atmosphere at a Nashville, Tennessee, manufacturing company was decidedly inhospitable to male workers.

The EEOC announced on  Oct. 3 the filing of a Title VII lawsuit against Centurion Products, Inc., also known as Centurion Stone, is an industry-leading manufacturer of stone veneer. According to the EEOC, male floor supervisor made sexually charged insults and innuendos on a near-daily basis and also engaged in unwelcome grabbing, groping and humping the victims, attempting penetration of male employees’ buttocks with a broomstick, and kissing. Although members of management received numerous complaints from the employees about the harassment, Centurion failed to take action to stop the harassment.

The EEOC notes that in June 2016 it filed a publication Report on Workplace Harassment. One of the key findings in the report is that effective harassment prevention efforts, and workplace culture in which harassment is not tolerated, must start with and involve the highest level of management.




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