EEOC Says 7-Eleven Stores Violated ADA in Not Accommodating Worker With Temporary Transfer

7-Eleven stores in Oklahoma are in the legal hot seat with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for its alleged failure to reasonably accommodate employees with disabilities.

The allegations in the EEOC’s ADA lawsuit concern the treatment by Brown-Thompson General Partnership, dba 7-Eleven, a chain of Oklahoma convenience stores, of a stocker at the company’s Oklahoma City warehouse and distribution center.

According to EEOC’s suit, Casey Crothers worked as a stocker at the distribution center. When his doctor placed him on short-term work restrictions due to a disability, Crothers asked for temporary transfer to a position that met his restrictions. 7-Eleven told Crothers that because his restrictions were not related to an on-the-job injury, the company was not required to accommodate him.

7-Eleven then fired Crothers because he was going to miss more than three days of work. EEOC alleges 7-Eleven similarly failed to provide reasonable accommodations to other workers, denying temporary light or modified duty and terminating employees with disabilities who missed more than three days of work if they were not eligible for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

“While the Family and Medical Leave Act requires certain employers to provide leave to some employees, it is not the only law that requires leave,” said James R. Neely, Jr., director of EEOC’s St. Louis District Office. “Where leave is a reasonable accommodation for a medical condition covered by the ADA, an employer must provide it.”


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