Tex-Mex Restaurant Sued By EEOC Over Alleged Harassment of Four Female Servers by Owner

An employer’s biggest sin when sexual harassment occurs is not taking action to stop it.

Because it allegedly took no action to stop ongoing harassment by its male owner of four female servers,  a Tex-Mex restaurant in Greensboro, Ga. find itself on defense in a federal district court.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced last Friday that it had file suit against El Chaparro.

According to the EEOC, in 2013 and 2014, El Chaparro’s general manager and co-owner showed the four servers pictures and videos containing sexual images, talked about the servers’ sex lives, and showed the servers shirtless photos of himself on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. The servers complained about the sexual harassment to the restaurant’s co-owner, but the company failed to take any action to stop the harassment. The four women are no longer employed by El Chaparro.

“Sexual harassment in the restaurant industry is a form of misconduct that, unfortunately, EEOC sees regularly,” said Bernice Williams-Kimbrough, district director for EEOC’s Atlanta District Office. “The fact that it was a proprietor of the restaurant who allegedly subjected the four servers to sexual harassment makes the conduct even more intolerable.”


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