Transport Company Settlement With OSHA Includes Safety Improvements in 26 States

Forklift operators at freight terminals operated by Central Transport LLC will have safer working conditions as a result of a settlement announced today between the company and the U.S. Department of Labor.

The DOL announcement said that inspections by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration identified a disturbing pattern of defective forklifts being used to move, handle, load and unload freight in at least 11 Central Transport LLC shipping terminals in nine states. Their use exposed employees to hazards that could cause crushing or struck-by injuries at multiple locations, including Central Transport’s Billerica terminal.

The settlement agreement commits the company to improving forklift safety at over 100 terminals in 26 states in which the company has terminals.

Under the agreement, Central Transport must hire an independent third party monitor to evaluate, update and improve the company’s existing procedures for preventive maintenance repairs, operator inspections and safe operation of powered industrial trucks.

Central Transport must also:

  • Assign a corporate internal monitor to facilitate effective implementation of the settlement agreement, conduct random, unannounced visits of at least 20 terminals and work with the third party monitor to prepare and submit reports for each terminal assessed, seek employee feedback and monitor progress.
  • Work with the third party monitor to assess and monitor compliance with the agreement and seek feedback from employees. This will include unannounced monitoring visits of at least 10 terminals by the third party monitor, including two terminals assessed by the internal monitor.
  • Submit written compliance reports to OSHA and allow OSHA to conduct monitoring inspections to measure compliance.
  • Remove any damaged, defective and unsafe powered industrial trucks from service.
  • Pay a total of $165,400 in penalties.

To read the DOL’s announcement of the settlement, click here.


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