Bad Feeder: Texas Agricultural Company Hit With $83,059 in OSHA Fines for 22 Safety Infractions

President-elect Trump and his Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Pudzer say they are advocates for working people. So let’s see them prove it by pledging to keep up vigorous enforcement of the nation’s workplace safety laws.

The pair could look to actions by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for inspiration. OSHA announced on Nov. 28 that it has fined CPE Foods, a feed manufacturer in Texas $83,059 for 22 safety violations.

The agency cited the company, which manufactures feed and sells used agricultural machinery for processing feed, for failing to provide a safe working environment for its employees. OSHA inspectors identified 22 violations including:

  • Lack of guarding on machines.
  • Exposed energized wires.
  • Lack of guarding on runways and platforms.
  • Lack of handrails on stairwells.
  • Welding cylinders not properly stored.
  • Fire extinguishers not kept in designated locations.
  • Using flexible cords as fixed wiring.
  • Not providing hearing protection

Employees literally are putting life and limb at risk in this job.

“As an employer, CPE Feeds must protect its employees from amputation, electrocution and grain- handling hazards. It must also train its workers in how to work safely,” said Elizabeth Linda Routh, OSHA’s area director in Lubbock. “Our emphasis program will continue to target the industry and CPE Feeds until safety becomes part of a critical part of this company’s culture.”

Here’s the OSHA announcement.


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