EEOC Gets $75K for Cancer Survivor Denied Reasonable Accommodation, Harassed on Job

And speaking of disability discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said yesterday that Wal-Mart Inc.will pay $75,000 to settle an ADA lawsuit the commission filed on behalf of  a worker at its Hodgkins, Illinois store.

The EEOC had alleged that  Wal-Mart with violated the ADA when the retailer failed to accommodate Nancy Stack, a cancer survivor with physical limitations, and subjected her to harassment based on her disability.

As a workplace accommodation, Stack needed a chair and a modified schedule. EEOC alleged that while the store provided Stack with a modified schedule for a period of time, it revoked the accommodation for no stated reason. Further, according to EEOC, the store did not ensure that a chair was in Stack’s work area, telling her that she had to haul a chair from the furniture department to her work area, a task that was difficult, given her disability. Making matters even worse, EEOC alleged that a co-worker harassed Stack by calling her “cripple” and “chemo brain.”

To read more on the settlement, go here.

How timely. Yesterday the EEOC also issued a one-stop resource for employees and job applicants to learn what their rights are under the ADA.


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