$250K Awarded to Costco Female Employee Victimized by Repeated Customer Harassment

A federal jury socked it to Costco Wholesale Inc. this week for not intervening to prevent a customer from harassing a female associate at its Glenview, Illinois warehouse store.

The victim was awarded $250,000 by the jury, which rejected Costco’s arguments that the employee was unreasonably sensitive to harassment and that the harassment was not sufficiently sexual.

The alleged harassment, which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said lasted over a year, included unwelcome touching, unwelcome advances, and stalking. Although the employee reported the customer’s conduct to Costco management, and the customer himself repeatedly reported his ongoing contact with the employee to Costco, the store took no effective action to prevent the harassment. As a result, the employee was forced to obtain a restraining order against the customer.

Read more about the verdict here.

And here’s my writeup of the filing of the lawsuit in August.


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