Google Sued by U.S. DOL To Compel Hand Over of Compensation Data in Government Audit

Google “Google” tonight and you will learn that the giant data company is locked in legal battle with the U.S. Department of Labor over its refusal to hand over compensation data.

The DOL announced today that it has filed suit against Google–a government contractor–to compel it to provide requested compensation data and documents for the multinational company’s Mountain View headquarters.

DOL says it is seeking information “as part of a routine compliance evaluation.”

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs asked the technology giant to submit information in September 2015 about its equal opportunity program and to provide supporting documents as part of a scheduled compliance review. As a federal contractor, Google must agree to permit the federal government to inspect and copy records and information relevant to its compliance with the equal employment laws administered by OFCCP.

Filed with the department’s Office of Administrative Law Judges, the lawsuit seeks to enforce Google’s obligations to provide OFCCP with compensation data, documents and requested information to complete its audit.

Federal contractors are scheduled for routine audits through a neutral selection process. The lawsuit seeks an order requiring Google to cooperate fully with the scheduled compliance review and to meet the requirements of all laws enforced by the agency. If the company fails to comply, the department asks the court to cancel all of Google’s current government contracts and to debar the company from entering into future contracts.


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