Lack of Hospitality: Firing of Black Workers Costs Fla. Hotel $35K in Settlement of EEOC Suit

The company that runs a Florida hotel is $35,000 poorer owing to its chief executive officer ordering the firing of black housekeepers because he did not work with “those kind of people.”

Hospman LLC has agreed to settle the Title VII race discrimination that resulted from this alleged violation of the statute, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced on Friday.

According to the EEOC’s suit, Hospman fired several black employees in August 2012 after taking over management responsibility of a Fort Myers hotel.

The EEOC charged that Jose Carvalho, Hospman’s former chief executive officer, ordered the housekeeping supervisor, Tinica Jones, to terminate all of the housekeepers – all but one of whom were black – because he did not work with “those kind of people.”

Carvalho also asked Jones about her race and, upon learning that she was black, fired her as well. Risha Stewart, the only black front desk attendant, was also terminated, while other non-black front desk workers were allowed to continue their employment.

“The hospitality industry is an important sector of Florida’s economy and EEOC hopes this suit will serve as a reminder to all employers in the sector of the importance of their obligations under the federal antidiscrimination laws,” said EEOC Regional Attorney Robert Weisberg. “The law is clear – employers cannot discriminate on the basis of race in the hiring or firing of employees.”



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