EEOC Alleges Dollar Store Turned Other Way When Women Complained About Harassment

If you have ever been in a Dollar General store, you know how crowded it can be with shoppers seeking bargains. Maybe it would have been better at one of the company’s stores in Mississippi had there been more separation between her and her manager.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a female employee at the Dollar General store in Red Banks, Mississippi was repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual attention from the store manager.

The EEOC filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company on Wednesday.

The EEOC alleges that female employee alleged her  manager repeatedly made unwelcome comments and gestures, all of a sexual nature, toward her. He also sent her unwelcome text messages. This employee was not the first employee to complain about the store manager’s sexually harassing behavior. After a three-month-long investigation, the company suspended and then fired the store manager for “inappropriate conduct.”

That response wasn’t fast enough, in EEOC’s estimation. Other women working there had also been subjected to harassment.

“There is nothing ambiguous about the laws against sexual harassment. Managers may not subject their subordinates to such abuse in the workplace. Equally clear is the EEOC’s continued commitment to its mission of enforcing Title VII’s prohibition against sexual harassment, as well as other federal laws forbidding employment discrimination.”

Hopefully this kind of behavior isn’t occurring at other Dollar General stores. There are a lot of them. According to its website, Dollar General is one of the country’s fastest growing small-box discount retailers, with over 13,000 stores in 43 states.


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