EEOC: Same-Sex Harassment At Hawaiian Tour Companies Went Unchecked For Decade Plus

The president of a Hawaiian tour company made life hellish for male employees, if allegations in a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prove true.

The EEOC announced today it has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against three related Hawaii tour companies alleging ongoing sexual harassment of male employees.

The defendants in the case are Discovering Hidden Hawaii Tours, Inc., Hawaii Tours and Transporta­tion, Inc. and Big Kahuna Luau, Inc.

According to the EEOC, the president of Discovering Hidden Hawaii Tours engaged in a pattern of sexually harassing young males after recruiting them to work for his companies.

The alleged harassment is shocking both in its particulars and in duration.

The harass­ment, which spanned more than a decade, included inviting males to join in sex parties with him; show­ing them pornographic videos and photos; requiring them to show him their private parts in order to be considered for employment; making employment opportunities contingent upon engaging in sexual acts with him; and performing unwanted sexual acts on male employees.

When employees complained about the harassment, the company failed to take corrective action, the EEOC charged. Some male employees felt that they had no other recourse but to quit. In some instances, the president retaliated against male employees after they complained about the harassment to their supervisors, according to the suit.

“All employees, regardless of gender, have the right to work in a harassment-free workplace and should never be forced to endure such abuse,” said Anna Park, regional attorney for the EEOC’s Los Angeles District, which includes Hawaii in its jurisdiction. “I applaud these young men for coming forward to tell their stories.”


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